vendredi 24 mai 2013

Amsterdam - city of flowers

Hi gals,

I got a chance to visit Amsterdam in April 15th, 2013.
I had only 1 day to visit this city. I decided to go to Keukenhof park in the morning, and the central of city in the afternoon :D

When I came to Amsterdam, it was cold and rain! But I still felt good because I was so exciting to discover the most large floral park in the world - Keukenhof (it only opens from March 15th to 25 May this year).
From the airport, I had to take the bus 858 to Keukenhof. And here is some photos I took in this park. It is really large and beautiful park I can tell ! There are a lot a lot of flowers and the decoration is very perfect, you can see it in these photos:

In the afternoon, I went to Amsterdam central to go shopping and taste some food !
My first impression was so much of bicycles, everywhere - in Paris, not like that!
You can rent a bicycle few hours to visit the city <3

This is the 10th country I have been visited. I always want to travel more and more countries...
And I just share some photos to you gals - maybe some of you are in love with travelling like me!
 If you are interesting in this photos, please leave some comments for me. I'll be so happy to read them <3