mardi 18 juin 2013

Denim gilet

 Transparent shoes - love it so much !!!

2 looks with denim gilet

First, I love to wear a mini black dress with denim gilet for a casual look. Transparent shoes make my look more amazing :-) It's simple but still cool, huh?

 Second, I love more colors and patterns, so I add a kissy blouse and a red skirt. I wear a cap, bow ring and camera necklace <3

Bonus:My BF and I

jeudi 6 juin 2013

Ombre hair :3

Ombre hair <3
I have changed my hair style. A friend of mine in Paris did it to me, she's professional in doing ombre hair :"3 Thank her so much for this new hair. 
Do you love it?

Summer already came to Paris, it's quite good new for me :D
For clothes, I just took 2 pieces from American Apparel: blue-mint crop-shirt and orange skirt. Little vintage for my sunny day :3