lundi 26 décembre 2011

Christmas in ROME

I decided to visit Rome in Christmas very quickly !
I have a lovely friend in Rome who's studying there. She told me that I can stay in her home!
So, everything's perfect ! I only have one thing to do: buy a ticket from Paris to Rome.

Rome is warmer than Paris! I was in love with sunshine in Rome.
Sky is so BLUE !
Lucas and me, we had wonderful days in Rome with full of sunshine, full of funny, and full of food ( Food in Rome is cheaper than in Paris ! )

Now, I'm in Paris already !
I want to tell you guys more about Rome but I think I'm going to make a video about "4 years - 4 Xmas " including Xmas in Rome. Why not?

Hope I can do it soon =P

Some of my photos in ROME.

lundi 19 décembre 2011

Early Christmas.

Recent days, I'm so so so busy >< That's why I cannot write anything on my blog while I have many things to share! I just finished my final exam !!!! So happy, my Xmas holidays begin <3 But I'm still busy with the design competition!!! Our team has 2 people: me and my bf. Both of us never design anything before. Everything is new. I have no experience! But I'm trying my best. Today, December 19, the date I have to show my team's products before Judges! Wish me lucky <3 <3 About clothes: Christmas is coming and I have some pics for Christmas <3 <3

mardi 6 décembre 2011

Peter Pan collar dress.

Lovely Peter Pan collar.

Here's the link to see (or buy) some Peter Pan collar dress

Peter Pan collar dress is the must-have dress for the chic girls in my opinion ^_^
It makes us look younger than real age!

And I have a simple one.
Mix with baby blue blazer.
Baby color for my birthday ( 9 November )

Hype this look: My birthday
bonus video


Have a nice day everyone <3



These birds are found worldwide, except Australia and New Zealand, Madagascar, and the extreme polar regions. The majority live in forests.

Today, I just want to mention the brown ones.

And this look is inspired by Woodpecker.
hype this look:

This coat comes from, it's so amazing, the decoration of neck sleeves looks like wings of bird.
bonus video:
I'm flyingggg =))))

Ngày vui
Sâu béo là ta =))

lundi 5 décembre 2011

Louvre museum

Louvre is the most beautiful museum I have seen in the world.
Louvre museum is one of the world's largest museums.
The museum opened on 10 August 1793 with an exhibition of 537 paintings, including the famous painting Monalisa.

Louvre in day.

Louvre in night.

My look for Louvre.
I think "white-on-white" is the best choice for Louvre.
White color will never be unfashionable.

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with my love :)

Lollipops - Welcome to dollhouse.


Lollipops (Paris)

- is the one of my favorite brands.
- is the world of accessory ( bags, shoes, umbrella, jewelry..)
- has colorful vision.

I love Lollipops shoes <3 Each time I go shopping in Chatelet (Paris), I always want to visit Lollipops boutique. Look at some pictures below and you'll know why I love Lollipops :x 050_101






Can't have success without taking risks
Me <3 lo2
Member card
My Lollipops shoes.

samedi 3 décembre 2011

Dior Fall - Winter 2011/2012

Collection by John Galliano !
Love at first sight.. till last sight!
After watching this video, I just wanna mixing my clothes.