lundi 26 décembre 2011

Christmas in ROME

I decided to visit Rome in Christmas very quickly !
I have a lovely friend in Rome who's studying there. She told me that I can stay in her home!
So, everything's perfect ! I only have one thing to do: buy a ticket from Paris to Rome.

Rome is warmer than Paris! I was in love with sunshine in Rome.
Sky is so BLUE !
Lucas and me, we had wonderful days in Rome with full of sunshine, full of funny, and full of food ( Food in Rome is cheaper than in Paris ! )

Now, I'm in Paris already !
I want to tell you guys more about Rome but I think I'm going to make a video about "4 years - 4 Xmas " including Xmas in Rome. Why not?

Hope I can do it soon =P

Some of my photos in ROME.