mardi 14 février 2012

Macaron love story - Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day!
Of course, dresscode is white, red, pink!
I'm totally happy with my outfit today! A little vintage, a little classic, a little roman, and sweet!

My hunnie and I made a clip about Macaron love story!

A girl (named Blue) is walking alone in Valentine's Day. She is looking at cute shops.. and she stops before a coffee shop which sells Macaron. She goes inside, feel comfortable with the decoration of this shop: flower pictures in the wall, mirroirs, lamps... Her eyes stops at a disk of macaron :">
Macarons belong to a boy named Lucas! She decides to approach him and say HELLO!
He's surprise and (has to) give her a pink Macaron.
Boom! Her heart is blooming :)) she gives him back a kiss to say THANK YOU!

And, from that moment, Macaron couple is always together!
<3 <3 Some photos in video clip!